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Picture originally made for my Flickr news-tableau pages in the year 2015 and republished on the eve of Eastern 2018 from Amsterdam with even more easyjet invasion….


EASYJET AIRBNB roller suitcase bombardment – the more reachable a city, the less attractive it becomes because of invasive tourism that changes the social economics of what were once thought to be the most attractive parts of town… Local services disappear to make place for tourist oriented facilities, Rental houses are sold and often turned into high rent ex-pat apartments and the like. Legal or illegal or half legal more and more houses are turned into temporal or full time rent-out rooms for tourist. Whole trains of roller suitcases can be heard on the week-ends and endless in-between-holidays of tourists flown in on cheaper and cheaper flights. Airplanes which were not flown over the centre of town in the past do so now regularly, because of an enormous increase in air-traffic, so even for setting a foot on the local soil the tourists have invaded the town-space. Who do benefit from this? Certain parts of local businesses, tour operators, and the digitally managed systems of mass transportation and holiday rental: EASYjet and other + AIRBNB.
All this written from Amsterdam, but it could be any other attractive city in the world.

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