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Green Left political ballerina Femke Halsema in the daily Het Parool on June 30. 2010 in a ‘pas de deux’ on the stage of the Binnenhof in The Hague, illustrating an article that says that according to the left wing parties there are no more options for a right wing coalition government. She is quoted to have said that the public moaning of right wing party leader of the PVV Geert Wilders, of being excluded is “just stage-baloney” as he refused an invitation of Liberal VVD party leader Rutte to talk once again about the right wing coalition option. Now the caption in the newspaper does not say who is the male dancer so perfect in line with the ballerina… or do I see it wrong, is it not a ballet, and does the photograph only prove the observation of Milan Kundera in his opus ‘Immortality’: “there are far fewer gestures in the world than there are individuals.” ┬áTranslating this back to Dutch politics one may say: “there are far less government coalitions than there are political parties.”

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