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“AMERICANS SUPPORT ATTACK ON IRAN BECAUSE OF NUCLEAR BOMB” is the latest header here of our crazed daily De Volkskrant (The People’s Paper). ‘Because’ = the Dutch word ‘om’. What is next? ‘AMERICAN SUPPORT ATACK ON IRAN WITH NUCLEAR BOMB?” ‘WITH’ = ‘met’ in Dutch. The word “Americans” in the news paper header points to an opinion poll done for the news agency Reuters. 56% says to support an USA attack (in case nuclear bomb existence can be proven for Iran). A sickening development in “our” news media: war by popular consent. “WOHLT IHR DEN TOTALEN KRIEG?” was the opinion poll question by Joseph Goebbels on the 18. of February 1943 in the Sport Palace Building in Berlin. We may try to remember the results.

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