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A comparative view of French presidential elections over one century: 1913 – 2012… politics beyond once’s own nation.

“Pensez √† moi d’abord” (think first about me) was the caption of this front page picture citation published by Le Petit Journal in 1913… the picture refers to the behind the scene scheming of political parties at the eve of new presidential elections during the constitutional system of the Third Republic (1870-1940).

The French parliament

But what about the “think about me first” in the context of European politics?

The European parliament

Think first about me! This is the wish that France addresses at the congress goers of Versaille. (this refers to party meetings in Versailles at the eve of the election of a new president in January 1913 (Point Carré) and refers to the scheming of political parties behind the scene, whereby party interest came before national interest, as usual).

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