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German-immigrant_video_Beware-racist-propagadaBEWARE RACIST PROPAGANDA VIDEO
“German Immigrant tells the truth” (*)
A Facebook friend of mine posted this video on his time line, without neither a disapproving commentary, nor a statement about the fake character of this ‘video pamphlet’ of a man speaking German with English subtitles and stating how he as a migrant, as an African, has nothing to do with Western society laws. He tells full of enthusiasm about criminal behaviur of immigrants and the police that can do nothing against him/them as they have good lawyers… a long rant that clearly is enacted, by whom, we do not know.

This video is posted at many sites, the one that may be its origin is called “Universal Declaration of Human Rights Watch” it uses a United Nations logo in its banner and its name also hints that it poses to be similar to an organization like Human Rights Watch… The About tab says “Mission: Lecture about Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the crimes against it” and it poses as a: “Non-profit organization.”

This name does not trigger many hits with a Google ‘verbatim’ (word for word, letter for letter) search. It is one of the objects on what I would classify as a malicious intend Facebook page.


screen capture on 31/8/2018 with an example of the kind of comments generated by such propaganda videos: Oldest Comments 2 of 480 View previous comments Robin Tedlock Germans know what to do with people like this, they’ve done it before, hopefully they do it again”

The video has had 181K hits, that is 181.000 hits and many comment and share it.

I did a small study of Facebook pages where this video pops up and often it is on pages of extreme nationalist, white supremacist, more or less openly antisemitic and the like.

Like a Macedonian ultra nationalist Facebook page where on the time line you see another racist propaganda item on the conspiracy of a secret free mason and Jewish lobby to make Europe into a mixed race continent, whereby the writings of Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi (1894-1972) are misquoted and his utopian vision of a non-war Europe of the twenties of last century are twisted into this: “THE COUDENHOVE-KALERGI PLAN – JEWISH GENOCIDE OF THE WHITE PEOPLES OF EUROPE”…


screen shot from https://www.facebook.com/sanja.cvetkovska with the racist misinterpretation of Kalergi’s Pan-European ideas…

My ‘Facebook friend’ said he found some truth in this enacted video performance, where I say that the intend is sowing hatred and the video is a tool of racists. Even when the video would have been a genuine reportage – and not, as it obvious, a scripted acting – still it’s media usage makes it into a discriminatory piece of work whereby a singular specific event or opinion is stamped onto a group of people that can be distinguished by color, nationality, religion or social status.

We see here a modern example that fits in a long historical line of libel down to the Middle Ages in Europe with their sagas of children blood drinking Jews… mind you on some of the Facebook and web pages of groups that spread this video we can find video-animations and pictures with text that speak about Muslims as baby murders for their sacrificial rites….

So this is but a mild form of that practice, still by the trick of a German speaking black man and the extremism of his (acted) views, that may make us even laugh at times, we encounter a slick and dangerous format of racist propaganda which needs to be denounced.

I propose to put banners over or under such videos’ like I do here and which I did a few years before over ISIS propaganda movies… I do not propose BANNING but BANNERING as the idea of FREE SPEECH does include expression of DISAPPROVAL of uttering of whatever kind or subject by whomever….


(*) This is a link to the hate sowing video (as I still did function on 31/8/2018) You may consider to mark this video as a form of “hate speech” (Facebook has an option for that) but bannering is more effective than asking the big firms to use their big stick, as that stick may hit you as well on another occasion: https://www.facebook.com/pg/UDHRW/videos/

If you would prefer to add a disapproving comment to any of the many favourable or supportive comments of this hate video… you may add this banner…

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