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A few demonstrators in London on the Diamond Jubilee Flotilla Day kept away on a safe distance from the real royal event by fences and police… sunglasses were not needed on this pouring rain day ~ republicanism – also –  has a long history in Britannia, or should I not use the Roman Imperial name of this province and use the oldest name for the whole island instead: Albion? One must keep in mind that formerly speaking the United Kingdom still has an act promulgated in 1848 (Treason Felony Act) which makes the call for abolition of the monarchy a criminal act, which at that time was to be punished by deportation to Australia. The existence of this act and it’s anti-European Constitution status has been called into question several times, like in the year 2003 by The Guardian and its call for a referendum on whether Britain should become a republic.

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Patrick Blower’s cartoon for the Evening Standard, 11 Nov 2002, ten years ago, in the days the British monarchy was once more under discussion…

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