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For those running into the same problem…

The script is:

tell application “FileMaker Pro Advanced”
delay 3
end tell
tell application “FileMaker Pro Advanced”
open “IMP43:IMP32:AMS:AMStabl:AMSrota.fp7”
end tell

This is a simple work-around for a problem not completely solved at the Filemaker help page with the title:

Mac OS X: Error message when launching a FileMaker file via drag and drop or double clicking a database


It answers the question:

“Why do I get the error message “The document “<file name>” could not be opened. FileMaker Pro cannot open files in the “FileMaker Document” format” when launching FileMaker Pro? ”

Filemaker must be opened first as an application… the delay of so many seconds is needed because when the next command to open a specific file is executed directly an error occurs… why is explained in the link I give here

In all it certainly is a bug in Filemaker Pro 11 (Advanced).

I made the Applescript into an application which I put in my Dock and now I can start up Filemaker with the proper database and the needed scripts at start up included in that database (giving my serial number for a plug-in I use for instance).

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