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a composite photograph of what became a remarkable event in its time

a composite photograph of what became a remarkable event in its time; click picture for full size view

I was not a part of this “crowd” at that time, and can identify only a few of the people by name:
-first row after Phil Bloom: (?), Johnny van Doorn, Simon Vinkenoog, (?);
-second row idem: (?). (?). (?), Reineke Vinkenoog, (?), (?).

Some more names and reminiscences would be nice…

A picture showing many people of the VPRO Hoepla crew can be found in several archives, but as far as I know all the names have not been kept for posterity. Such pictures are rather rare and even the website of the photographer Cor Jaring lists only the obvious ‘happy few’ in the crowd. I managed to catch somewhere a reasonable resolution copy of the picture and have nicely numbered all the people (one person is hiding behind a pillar). As the blog software does not allow to insert a special zooming software page. I will make a link to my archive-website. Finding out more names (and of course what their role was) would be nice. My impression is that the equalitarian mood of the time allowed for the porter and the coffee ladies to be included as well … would be nice to reintroduce such a habit again. Click the picture below to go to the external link…


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