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TNT = privatised Dutch ex-national post system is on strike once again… one would think that it does not hurt a world that has gone digital, but it still DOES hurt as lots of burocrazies demand signed and stamped authorised letters to be dropped in their physical mail boxes before such and such a date…otherwise they will get you or will not read you!

The profit of the third quarter of 2010 of TNT is said to be “only 75 million euro” (the banner reads TNT = CUNT /sorry I am just translating) a curious picture with the predominant male postmen crowd… as far as I remember most political parties in all divisions of the political spectrum have at one moment or another in the last decade supported the breaking up of the state monopoly on postal services… “Tante Pos” (auntie of the post) used to be the old naming of what was once known as PTT… The old lady seems to have died. The dying hobby of carrier pigeon holders might be a sector of society that will be stimulated by all this… Or should we not even exploit the homing urge of certain birds and start to deliver all our messages ourselves? Imagine the amount of traffic jams that it would give… or maybe it would finally put a hold on our urge to communicate so frequent all that is unnecessary… like this message.

Duivenmelker (keeper of carrier pigeons) in the Amsterdam Jordaan neighbourhood in the times television was still received through a forest of antennas on the rooftops.

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